Core Activities

The AOSTI has been established by the African Union (AU) to help African countries to build capacity for STI policy. Many countries are going to seeking support build capacity for STI policy activities. AOSTI is now developing a comprehensive programme of work that will include or cover STI policy capacity building activities or initiatives.

Technology forecasting and prospecting

AOSTI Vision

The vision for the Observatory is to be a continental repository for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) statistics and a source of policy analysis in support of evidence based policy making in Africa.

AOSTI Mission

To champion evidence-based science, technology and innovation policy-making by backstopping African countries to manage and use statistical information in accordance with the African charter of statistics.

Thematic Areas

Capacity Building
STI data and indicators
National innovation Systems
STI studies and analytics
Outreach and advocacy
Technology forecasting and propecting

Raison d'etre

Policy makers
Business community
Scientific and research community
African community


African Observatory of Science Technology and Innovation (AOSTI)

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